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I'm Becky and I'm an adventurous lifestyle photographer with a desire to capture the beautiful everyday.


I create sumptuous, natural image portfolios for private and commercial clients.


What is your style of photography? | Alternative Wedding Photographer

Devon Beach Wedding “I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and to be original.” Aaliyah

Most of the weddings I photograph are outside, civil ceremony’s or hand fasting on a beach or laid back DIY weddings. Often the bride or groom are super creative, there is a cooperative approach where friends and family have made key elements of the wedding day really special; this has included things like a bake off or illustration of invites or running the hand fasting ceremony or even building the barn that the ceremony is held in.

Wedding-photography-HonitonThe couples that choose me are like me laid back but organised, hedonistic, boho,  trying to live a life less than ordinary and are always curious. They all love photography, they are often artists or avid photographers themselves, because you have to really love photography to want me to be part of your wedding day. Choosing a wedding photographer is way beyond the discussion of price, it’s about having someone at your wedding that you can get on with, that you have a connection to and share some common ground, someone that you love there creative flair or style of the photographs that they take.

I love it at the end of the day when people say something like  “Wow that was fun, I really enjoyed it, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, thank you for being part of our wedding day

 Alternative Wedding Photographer

My style is personal to me, almost unique to me, in the same way a music collection is so personal. Have a look at your best friends music collection l bet most of it you love you have probably shared a love of some of the bands together,  but there will be a few odd balls in there too, some “wtf is band that?” “I never knew you liked that music!” But it will have a story behind it, there will be a key moment where that song came on, it will evoke personal memories. Photography is really similar, it’s a bit marmite. Some styles you really like and some you are not so keen on.
Cothelstone-manor-wedding-Have a really good look thought a photographers portfolio before you book them for your wedding, because time of year, light and people can change the feel of a photograph. Have a look at this winter wedding, a cool outdoor autumn wedding or DIY farm wedding, they are all very different but by style runs true throughout them all. Even look this family photography as there is a similarity in the look and feel of the images.
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When I photograph a wedding most of your wedding day you will not notice me, you will not really see me because the way I work or my style is journalistic or candid, which means that I aim to photograph people when they do not notice me, they are relaxed, they are not looking directly at the camera, they are not posed. People are just going about there business. I think of this as part of my style, but it is the fabric of the wedding story.
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 There will be times when I am really noticeable, like formal group shots. This is a different style of photography because there is a specific set up, and there will be direction from me or my assistant as to where to look and what to do. This is a more traditional style of photography, but one that is important to many couples and family members. Group shots can be tricky, they an take ages and people can look uncomfortable, have a look at this section all about how I do group shots at weddings.flower crown photo

‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’ – Coco Chanel

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