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It has been a truly perfect day, lovely sunshine, old friends to catch up with and a brilliant edit coming up from Sian and Pete’s amazing wedding. One of my favorite songs by Lou Read I had it in my mind when I took this Polaroid photograph earlier today.

Polaroid Photographs

I love the immediacy of Polaroids plus the unpredictability of the film, you never know what you are going to get. It’s almost like a Christmas present when it does arrive then you have to wait ages for the chemicals to do there magic. I often get asked two things when I use Polaroids at a wedding >>

Where do you get Polaroid Film?

I get it online from the Impossible Project or via Amazon. There is a great network of people using Polaroids which you can find online, if you find some more good polaroid artists  or networks please share them with me below in the comments.

Second question I get asked is

Do you have to Shake it like a Polorid Picture?

Yeah thanks OutKast for that great lyric! and the answer is No! You do have to keep the Polaroid warm or cold depending on the outside temperature. I find putting it in my back pocket or somewhere warm and dark does give me the best results. If it is a hot summers day with loads of highlight I do the opposite so put it some where cold like a fridge.

Film is not dead it is a wonderful medium to use and as a true 80’s girl I just love the crazy weirdness of Polaroids.

Happy Tuesday!!