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All I see is darkness | Journal of Devon Wedding Photographer

Journal of Devon Wedding Photographer continues. 

I took some time out this week to just look about me. To see Spring, feel some warmth on my back. It’s time to take stock and be thankful of everything I have right here. Sometime I am flippant and longing for the next thing, counting days to to next big event or trip or wedding day, but really I just need to enjoy this moment right now. This second is more important than any other, this breath is life right now, and as quickly as that it can be gone. The ping of a microwave can be the end of that moment.

Something terrible has happened and I need time to think, to communicate it to myself and those loved ones around me. The only way I know is to pick up a camera, to make the art that has honest meaning, a dialogue. I started making work like this years ago.  I find it of expressing my emotions, I am better at pictures that than words.

Words are awkward and spiky to me.

You see the thing is I need to express myself visually, otherwise I can’t function, there is an  unbalance……

We have lost someone dear to us.

I am numb

I am in shock. How can I possibly understand this.

I need to make something. I need to do …something.

The process begins and soon healing, grieving and light will come back, I am sure, I hope. But for now on this bright spring day, all I see is darkness.

Journal of Devon Wedding Photographer continues…