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 Devon Wedding Photographer Portfolio

Natural, candid relaxed photographs that tell a story. Photographs that you will love and want to share with your friends and family, the ones that bring you utter joy and take you back to that very moment when you laughed so much. The time you saw your oldest friend get married to their best friend and it made you cry tears of happiness.

Your Mum looking at her little girl dressed in her wedding dress thinking where did that time go? Your Dad seeing you twirl around in your wedding dress, making him the smile so very much.

The little kid that falls in the flower bed and makes everyone laugh.

These are your moments, they haven’t happened yet, but when they do they will be snapped from time and held forever. Ready to be looked at and laughed over each year when you get your album out and remember how you felt at that moment.

This is your time, this is the start of a new visual story, find a photographer that you get on well with and that you can trust, because this is your big day. So lets begin with getting to know each other shall we?

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est. 2006CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHYMy Fabulous Life Photography

Commercial and Creative Wedding photography in Devon, Somerset, Cornwall.

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