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Devon Wedding Photographer | Muddifords Court | Craig and Jess Party



I think that the evening party is fast becoming one of my favourite parts of a wedding day. Everyone is relaxed, enjoying themselves and genuinely having fun. Creating natural fun wedding photographs may seem difficult as many people do feel awkward in front of the camera, especially in the beginning. I like to embarrass the weirdness and make it work for my couples.

However by the evening all the inhibitions are gone and generally people hone in on the camera and give me there best moves. Any formalities are completed, speeches are over and hugs have been well distributed. now its time to kick back and enjoy.

Devon Wedding Photographer | Muddifords Court

At Craig and Jess recent wedding at Muddifords Court, Devon the party is fun fun fun. It just flowed, having live music does really make a difference too as the band make the songs come to live and give a great atmosphere to the dance floor. I often stay well beyond the first dance as this is the time I can capture these party photographs.